Where there’s a Will……

You know the saying, however, where there’s a Will there is also a clear and concise statement of a person’s wishes on how they want their property to be dealt with on their death.  Making a Will ensures that when you die, your estate is dealt with the way you want it to be.  That is not to say that your property goes to the State if you don’t make a Will, it is dealt with under the rules of intestacy, which is for another day!

Below is a link to a law society article which you may find very helpful in explaining and assisting you in preparing to make a Will. 

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Parental Leave

The Parental Leave (Amendment) Act was signed into Law on 22nd May 2019.  Among the changes are an increase in parental leave to 22 weeks from 1st September 2019 (an additional 4 weeks on current entitlements), with a further increase by 4 weeks, to 26 weeks, from 1st September 2020.   The maximum age of the child for whom parental leave can be taken has been increased from 8 years to 12 years.


In addition, from November 2019, 2 weeks paid parental leave will be introduced, which can be taken during the first 12 months of the baby’s life.   This will be paid at the same rate of maternity and paternity benefit (currently €245.00).      This is a non-transferable benefit.